Snowball effect

Black Peaks, Tusky, The Prestige

All That Divides Tour presented by Mind Over Matter, Arena Wien 3Raum, Austria 20181030


Once at the Rock In Vienna, a band played on the small stage in the afternoon. A sound that sounded like it was made for the huge stages. Now Mind Over Matter and Arena Vienna present this band plus two more completely amazing acts in the 3Raum.

Full of anticipation, the very few people await the first band The Prestige to begin. “Alternative Hardcore”, a genre that makes sense soon, as they don’t only make think of the classics but also names like Rollins Band or RATM. Before they motivate themselves with a “Klaps aufn Po” and then off they go. Fast and slow, after the start surprising clean vocals, perfectly tight playing and the pissed screaming about their home Paris “smells like piss in the metro”. Beautiful anger cemented e.g. on “Amer”.

No backing down this evening. During the next line check you hear “Eternal Flame” and “Amazing Grace”. And then unexpectedly a crazy punk rock mass breaks free: Tusky from the Netherlands. Starting with Christoffer (former John Coffey) who graps his mike and takes it down the stage and back to the sound engineer, the others follow. Kind of an “angry child of the Foo Fighters and The Offspring” as they write on their website. So true. A show hard to describe so you better go and see it. “You got a beautiful city I might move here.” … “Thank you we’re Tusky from Vienna!”

Coming to the reason of the evening, who also reminds the already mentioned RiV: “There was a nest of bees flying around so nobody came” as Will of the Black Peaks tells. The UK-combo might be “too Metal and too Emo” for an Indie Rock-Fan. But these youngsters simply are insane. In the sense of being amazing songwriters and live performers. It seems they have a lot of fun playing even for this small crowd, so the fans have fun too, singing with them the big hymns like “Say You Will” from the debut “Statues” or the bands favourite from the new “All That Divides” “Eternal Light”. Pure Energy.