In Process (EP 2021)


Indie Folk

Where you can watch the water build its own galaxy, where you can stand high above the giants last resting place and where you can find special pleasures for your palate. This is where this young two-piece set out, to enrich the listeners with momentum, curiosity and vigour.

Alia Wüschner and Julia Jackel already come quite a way. As DuoLia. they played at the Bahnhof Andelsbuch, the Conrad Sohm, Szene Openair and Sound@V award show in their home region. At their new base Vienna you could hear them at the Tunnel. And after covers of Kodaline or The Black Keys and their original “Waste it”, here comes their first EP “In Process”.

Edges instead of high gloss is part of their concept like in Punk or the quote saying life has surface noise like Vinyls. Their veritable sound comes across purely in the first single “Sailing”, for which they have a music video as well. The riff is beautiful with a guitar sound like from Hayley Reardon. The two voices melt into the chords and discreet percussion like those of Boy or Tegan and Sara. And in the bridge we can even hear a bit of Tash Sultana.

Song number two “Holy Water” was released before as live video in the nature. The calmer tune makes think of Black Cherry Marble, Hellsongs or Mauri Dark, and the violin builds the dynamic. The title “Pretty Ugly” lives from rhythm and plugged chords. The melody has bit similarity to another “Waste”, while the overall impression is from locals Stereo Ida or Mose and the solo of El Mariachi.

The “Hot Air Balloon” implements the picture of Göreme by Boneshakers, while DuoLia. present a collage in their video. It is the final that gets bigger like a Folk hymn and invites to dance. A glorious finish for a visionary debut.