Black Metal


The Evil has arrived over the roofs of Leipzig, homebase of acts like Black Salvation and other preachers of the dark like Verräterischer Nichtswürdiger Geist and Messerschiesserei. With grim and shadows, the land gets covered by a band that started roaming back in 2015. Two Years later, they dig the way out of the rehearsal room grave with a tape named simply “Demo MMXVII”.

Limited to 66 pieces, they trade it over platforms like Bandcamp. Therefore it also reached blogs like occultmetallum, who compared the formation Verschlinger with e.g. the nowadays modern and acclaimed Mgla, late night act at the Summer Breeze and guest at the Grelle Forelle. Of course there are lot more godfathers to be heard within the four tunes.

It starts off with the single released called “Slaves of Shame”. A nice intro riff leads to the brute way the whole tape is following. Clanking drums and shredding guitars accompanied by beautifully croaking vocals. The soundtrack for a train ride through dark wintery mountain sides, like Satyricon for a bus ride through sunny Finnish forests. Verschlinger sounds more of like Dark Funeral, Darkthrone, Mayhem or current 1349. Only in the end of this first track they lower the speed and the vocals get weirdly clean.

“Empyrean Heaven” has a more progressive approach in it, starting with the drum rhythm, fast but grooving, somehow close to Punk or Thrash Metal. The shredding stays and the vocals follow the straight beat. With the structure of the composition one close relative could be Enslaved. For “Des Verzweifelnden Gebet” the band used a poem by Karl Marx and even at a point let the bass guitar play alone. “Doleful Kingdom” is another fast and stomping tune again featuring clean singing and a great conclusion for this first demo tape. The artwork for it was designed by Sarah Pertermann, including the logo and the scythe, “v” or “1” out of salt.