Easter Rap Meeting – Born To Lose Live To Win

Hello My Name Is Fokis

The Docu-Album presented by Rap am Bogen, Kulturverein Einbaumöbel Wien, Austria 20240329

It is easter weekend, as Rap am Bogen announces a special guest. To know where to go, it requires a ‚dm for location‘. Turns out the album release screening goes down at Einbaumöbel, between the still closed Venster99 and B72, where the next Hip Hop event is the day after

At the place, you feel welcome immediately. Couches and popcorn are ready, like the can crusher. The still of the beamer on the wall displays the topic of the evening: ‚Film am Bogen‘ featuring Fokis (Loyalty Digital Corp.). In 2019, he opened for Onyx with his album „This Thing Called Life“ including „No Breaks“, and since then, he has proofed that he is truely innovative. 

For parts of „Seasons Change, People Too“ with „This World“, „Switch Up“, „The Experiment“, „Born To Win“ and more, he performed online and in VR. And now he shows his positive work ethic in a whole docu-album: „Hello My Name Is Fokis“. With this movie, he went on tour starting in Chur, going through Germany, Salzburg, now Vienna, like Wino toured Italy with his one

The storyline basically follows Fokis’ way from New York to Europe producing the album and meeting many people, who are the most important, as he will explain later on. Each of the nine songs has a music video with it in the three-quarters of an hour. Performing in a suit, Fokis has keyed himself into suitable backgrounds. 

His shows are reunions with friends like Drive-By and others, who seem to be good cooks as well. Of course there are problems on the road too, like when they are stuck in the mud with their car. In Salzburg, Fokis visits DJ Sticky, and from Linz, he quickly crosses the boarder to Czech Republic for a video shoot.

After the screening, Fokis tells there is still some stuff to do like color correction. And when he started his career, he wanted to get famous. But somewhen he realized, it is all about the people he meets and who love and enjoy the music.

Like the audience at 1bm, that continues the evening with an open mic freestyle cypher featuring AYE-sight presenting his single. More scheduled events are Hip Hop Oida – Partystyle and R.a.B. #3 will be on 13th April at Flex.