Hyper Indie Pop For A New Generation

Sharktank, Filly

„Acting Funny“ Tour 2024 presented by Spoon Agency, Arena Wien – Große Halle, Austria 20240322

This is how the weekend should start! Moby announces his first European tour since years. In the Gürtel region, 90 and Small Souki & T.B.T.B. play at Loop and Café Concerto. And at Arena, three events happen simultaneously: Arklight present their debut record at Dreiraum with Curb and Lion Season. At the Beisl, the Orbital Hotel Band awaits the end of concert number three at the big hall. 

Before this starts, bluesy notes from The Rolling Stones and Eric Clapton by Günther echoe across the yard. Spoon Agency (Buntspecht, Endless Wellness, Ankathie Koi and more) is responsible for the sold out party, that Filly rings in bit later on. Named like the abbreviation of Philadelphia with an ‚F‘, she gets the dance on with 90s electronic Hyper Pop featuring all necessary elements including Rap. 

While Filly plays partly in the dark, the stroboscope lights are on for Sharktank (Ink Music). Some Sharknado-jokes are not missing, as they end their „Acting Funny“-tour tonight, that brought them to all corners of Germany. So their set consists of tracks from the second album as well as some ‚oldies‘ from the debut „Get It Done“ that saw the light of day in 2021. 

The music mixes Indie Pop and modern Hip Hop, that reminds of Crossover like from Fort Minor around Linkin Park rapper Mike Shinoda. Influences from the bandmember’s other projects like Leyya  can be found as well and it feels like all of them are comfortable on stage. 

Apart from the lights and stage outfits, kind of mirror walls are the only show elements, that catch the eye. And it obviously doesn’t need more, as the energy of the band and the songs are enough to entertain the sold out hall.