It escalates – What happened to us?

Magic Delphin, Third Culture Kid

“Leben am Mars” Album Release Show, Chelsea Wien, Austria 20171108


To walk into the same place the second day in a row gives one the feeling of a special week, this time the Chelsea-Week. Because after the heavy gig of Wednesday 13 and Diablo BLVD, it is time for something more quiet, but still rocking and loud.

The support this night took on the synonym Third Culture Kid. Because with his Icelandic name Hjörtur Hjörleifsson, people in Austria got problems to remember it, he jokes. And lets his music speak. Not only because of his appearance and the nice beard, he reminds a little bit of Mark Everett from the Eels. Also his guitar and piano playing and songwriting help the impression. With his winning smile, he tells about his new 12-string-instrument, and now that one string is broken, he is one twelfth faster with tuning. A touching gig by a man, whose synonym will be remembered.

The performance of the main act this time is a bit like the class meeting of people from Salzburg, as Benjamin Lageder asserts himself. After The Pond Pirates, he started the project Magic Delphin. First intended as a studio project, finally the first record “Leben am Mars” is released, and therefore he gathered some guys from the local music scene to get it on stage. Lucky decision, because the songs are great fun to see live. Starting with the amazing “Stadt am Meer”, that talks about the desire to leave and head to the north, that one can easily empathize. The songs change in character, as the ones did from David Bowie. To underline the coolness of the music, Benjamin puts on some sunglasses, and after a great performance, the concert ends in the escalation of the encore. The proof is done, that Magic Delphin should not only be played at home on a vinyl or CD player, but also on stage.