Weyland (Self-titled Demo Rehearsal CD 2000/2001)


Black Metal


The high north of Germany at the end of the millennium. The Dark Medieval Times are gone, but one band is about to bring more darkened decades. Between the capital of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Schwerin and home of the agency BMC Booking in Greifswald, right there from Rostock, a devil began to rise.

Today it is not that easy to find much about Weyland from fondly named South Sweden. But some platforms got them featured like Spirit Of Metal and Metal Inside as well as ArtistEcard and the Metal Archives. And they were on their way, playing on e.g. Barther Metal Openair with Disillusion, Finntroll and Dark Fortress and with Dismember, Psycroptic, Holy Moses and Tourettes at other occasions. But before their later two CDs in more Melodic Death and Technical Extreme Metal fields and one sampler, they had an early Black Metal recording.

Sounds are booming as shots ring out in the “Intro”. Live they often used the Aliens soundtrack. Then the disc rolls right away. Full steam bass drum, snare and cymbals and varying flogging and nagging vocals, including clean parts like Verschlinger. That’s “Rememberances”. The Thrash input delivers the following “The Open Gates”, a highlight through diversity. Generally you can find all kind of riffs: the raw fast and dirty Black Metal (“Concealment (Of Forgotten Past)”), slow Doom (“Metamorphose”), Rock’n’Rolling Death (“The Roamer”) to some epic soundbed (“Void Dimension”). As delicacies, the “Outro” features some sweet Violin and the hidden track with gets you up and going one more time with trembling breaks.

From modern local representatives like The Ruins Of Beverast, Firtan and Ultha to the ambassadors from overseas like Wolves In The Throne Room and Uada to Sweden Death heavyweights Amon Amarth, Entombed and Bloodbath, this early Black Metal piece is still somewhere out there to infect your ear canal. And the bloodcurdling screams echo from the Middle Age to modern war sceneries to Sci-Fi universes in eternity.