Pro Shot Prog Spectacle


Livestream Concert from Werk 2 Kulturfabrik presented by LeipStream, Kick The Flame Publishing, VelocitySounds Records, Leipzig, Germany 20200413


The city of Leipzig in Saxony, Germany, for example is known for established cultural centres like the Spinnerei as portrayed in TV series. But also amazing music is crafted there, like the Psychedelic Rock of Black Salvation or Black Metal by Verschlinger.

One band has been there already since the nineties, playing Open Airs with likes of Weyland and Finntroll and shooting music videos at the impressive Schrammsteine: Disillusion in some ways remind of Paradise Lost or Finnish acts like Amorphis and in these times decided to take “The Liberation” tour right to your living room.

Beforehand, one comment shows the meaning of such actions: “Our President Macron will talk at the same time… The choice is easy: I will be watching you.” It is the melodic and yet heavy, symphonic and still brutal combination in their sound. The acoustic start of their new record immediately takes one into the setting and gives the right vibe of this show.

Not only the new tracks like the following “The Great Unknown” are great to take you away. Also the 2016 single “Alea” featuring Birgit on trumpet and title track from “Back to Times of Splendor” raise comments like “Eargasm incoming” and “For a moment I kind of forgot I was watching a stream.” That the band itself is really into doing this, and the lighting and camera work is as great as not many have managed to do it so far apparently helps.

Between the songs, they take some time to reply to some questions and singer Andy takes on the glasses to be able to read them. The fans ask about concepts in detail or which group the band would like to cover, what Andy answers with Soundgarden. The bombastic sound of this stream prepares for the new material the band is working on “extended line up shows” they announce as well.