Up in Sound and Smoke

Wolves In The Throne Room, Wolvennest

Arena Wien – Kleine Halle, Austria 20180709


The signs on this Monday clearly were pointing into a dark direction, musically spoken. Two bands coming from the ambient spiritual heavy Metal corner were honouring the Arena with their visit.

When stepping from outside into the the bar, through the Dreiraum and the Merch stand into the so-called small hall of the famous concert venue, something starts to enter the nose. Smoke coming from skulls and goblets fills the whole room when you arrive. Wolvennest raise an atmosphere of nature and positive electricity. Special instrument is the Theremin, an as they show great feature for this kind of music. The voice sounds wonderful especially in the higher parts, only the guitar sometimes is a bit to quiet. But the band from Ván Records who also host for example Caronte, Ruins Of Beverast and OSDOU leads into their world and only need one riff for it as the last song shows. Goose Bumps.

Wolves In The Throne Room don’t consider themselves Black Metal but let’s say they are very very close. With a limb they spread the smoke. Quiet parts and intros are burst by brutal mayhem with enormous force. The wonderful beauty you can find in Downfall of Gaia or Oranssi Pazuzu of whom the singer wears a shirt and who are on the sampler “Kasetti 2012” with Streak and The RavenKairon; IRSE!, Softengine and more. In the light coming from underneath, the drummer and the pianist appear like evil demons. The heavy parts supported by a kettledrum could last forever, even though with ear protection they get very, actually too loud. But therefore it’s prickling and after seeing this live pleasure, you need the new record “Thrice Woven”.

And as you do so, the salesperson reminds herself selling you the Conan shirt you are wearing. One of those little sweet moments – initiated through music.