With Megaphone and Saxophone, Transverse Flute and Harmonica

Ecstatic Vision, Madhouse Express, Interhell

Presented by Dazed & Confused Shows, Venster 99 Wien, Austria 20180706


There are special places that have to be explored like the Pankahyttn, the EKH and the Venster 99. Situated close to the B72, you only hear good things about this venue. The slogans on the website say everything: “Music for social change – not for profit”, “Love Music – Hate Fascism” and “If you are racist, sexist, homophobic or an asshole, don’t come.”

Dazed & confused shows lure with a wonderful flyer for this nights gig. And then it starts with Interhell, who recently supported Kielkropf, Sativa Root and Eyehategod. The music varies from Rock to Stoner and Doom and to complicated passages and drum-rolls one after another in a positive sense. They also add unexpected breaks, and manage to put the three instruments perfectly in scene.

Second band does not only occur a bit like The Doors, as especially singer Maximilián got the hair and style of Jim Morrison, but also the sound and the songs. Especially one calmer song of Madhouse Express reminds of “The End”. The faster songs are heavier and as already before and later the environment gets blurred and you fall in a kind of tunnel while you can enjoy a special use of the bottleneck and a Frank Zappa cover in the end.

Final act of the evening are Ecstatic Vision, who are promoted as for fans of Hawkwind and Monster Magnet. And again, not only the optical appearance brings them close to Dave Wyndorf and his men who played unforgettable gigs at e.g. the Southside or poolbar Festival. With megaphone, saxophone, transverse flute and harmonica, a lot of motivation and fun the band let the Venster boil. Just recently they released the cover album “Under the Influence” including e.g. Chrissy Zebby Tembo’sTroublemaker” – just one live highlight among a load of others!