Furia (Album 2023)

Luís Maldonalle

Progressive Power Metal

The fury of the storm in shape of guitar thunders and riff quakes. This seems to be the command for this new album of a Brazilian string wizard. Following his latest record captured on tour „Live in England“, he melts classical structures with fresh Metal tones.

On the cover of „Furia“ designed by Pedro Costa and available as A3 poster, Luís Maldonalle emerges from a hellish scene conducted by a priest unleashing a lindworm. Starting with the single „I Am Your Darkness“ with Erich Martins, the creature draws us down into the realm of Sardo Numspa with a lot of speed and epic Heavy Metal like Grave Digger, Hammerfall and similar.

An outstanding personal highlight within the ten tracks follows with „Wings Of Fire“ featuring the cover artist, starting with an extended solo transitioning into a fantastic riff like Led Zeppelin or Iron Butterfly. In the verses, we can hear some Chickenfoot, while the chorus has a powerful line like „Beautiful Dangerous“ of Slash and Fergie. And the wild drums in this midtempo piece curate various tempers.

Titles like „Mephisto“ foreshadow the gloomy world we are taken like the one of Deaf Rat. Neither live anthems nor hypnotic melodies without drums are missing on this album. So Glam Metal and The Black Crowes bits can meet Manowar tastes, while „La Ira de Dios“ – the wrath of God is nothing to be feared as it is beautiful music coming down the ear canal.

The words „Left To Bleed“ remind of „Left For Dead“ by Death Angel, while the „Capriccio del Diavolo“ marks the reunion with the devil, that ends in the „Eye Of The Storm“ like from Ice-T shortly after. For the last time, the double bass rides and the voice climbs up high. 

Like on „Maestro“, the new longplayer of Luís Maldonalle has a lot to offer. No matter if you like the fast pace, attempts of classical music or mid-tempo Hard’n’Blues Rock hymns, as long as you dig frenetic guitar playing, there is a lot to find.