Walking the Gürtel at Night

Yunger, SHELZ, The Fictionplay, Roburda

Gürtel Connection #7, Weberknecht / Rhiz / Café Carina Wien, Austria 20190527


Like at the Gürtel Nightwalk, in the night of the Gürtel Connection all the locations at the Gürtel in Vienna unite. For already five euro it is possible to see loads of bands and for ten you get a free welcome shot and for fifteen a voucher for a Red Bull. Plus the earnings are donated to the Augustin.

At the Loop Neon Neet, a band from the haze of Hello Sally make their visit. At the Kramladen it is once again Ultima Radio, who played a lot with Bold Sun recently. And at the Wien Station a band with the funny name Knight Raiders Of The Lost ALF play. But we start our tour at the Weberknecht, where sound engineer Martin has his hands full to get two bands ready at the same time.

Roburda not only delivers a promising soundcheck but also presents a sweet show telling stories of running out of running out of Whisky in the Scotish highlands (Single: “Black Spout“). Maybe because of that they do make a bit think of The Makings from the neighbour island, while in the basement Rola Music band Chili & The Whalekillers are doing their thing. A quick change of location leads to the Rhiz, where Woid just finish their last chords.

The Fictionplay jumped in for The Painting Faces at short notice. After their completely crowded release show with Yakata at the B72, it is nice to see their powerful performance in a smaller and more intimate setting. But the short detour stays short. Back at the Weberknecht, SHELZ is delivering a very danceable gig with a very likeable appearance, latest single: “Fluid“.

As last live act Yunger plays songs of his debut “Of journeys and other longings”. With his Punk attitude and open-minded travel stories he is not the typical Singer-Songwriter for sure. To round off the evening one can dance at the Chelsea or watch the Karaoke action featuring “Wonderwall”, “Teenage Dirtbag”, “Wicked Game” and more at the Café Carina.