Some Kind of Modern Retro Nostalgia

No Machine, Ich Bin Zu Dritt

fluc Wien, Austria 20190604


Calendar week twenty-three, another time a lot to see in Vienna. At the Stadthalle, luminaries Tool and Eric Clapton play. The prominent Indie section is represented by LARK, The Boys You Know and Okta Logue. But a chain of happy coincidences leads us to the fluc.

It started with a post by Punkrock Weiner Productions about the band Chaos, of which Bachelor Records just released a 7”, and the current band of the guitarist is Ich Bin Zu Dritt. The band also played at e.g. the Celeste or U4 throughout the years, and rumour has it they can be met at the “Kleines Schwarzes”. That they have been here for that long results in many references, from rough Art-, Hard or Garage Rock like mighty Bowie and Pop to modern modifications like Manson and TVCC. With the lightness of a Delphin feel-good tune to the clunkiness of a Northern melancholic ballad. And in the light parts, Franz Bröckel dances while playing a solo and uses the microphone-stand as bottleneck, while the trumpet sounds of the album come from the keyboard.

After this music history giant, the mystic No Machine go on stage. They have played a lot already too, from the Little Stage to the Local to even supporting Crazy Town at the Viper Room. The “Alternative Electronic Industrial Rock” somehow gives a feeling like in the Vienna of Benvenuti’sHarter Stoff”, maybe because of some similarity to Helmet. And maybe because of the location they remind of the Cut Surface Party. They have a cool musical performance, even though it would be nice to have more instruments played live. Optically they score with a candle on the drum set and visuals, that don’t work the whole time but when they do there are patterns, clouds, buildings and forest paths from their music videos. As the last sounds of the powerful encore fade away, one can already think about a next visit like when Queen Leer and Who Cares (not the supergroup of Gillan and Iommi) support Wayne Graham.