Monkeys Hammer Movement

The Fictionplay, Yakata

„Tohu Bohu“ Album Release presented by Panta R&E, B72 Vienna, Austria 20181115


Yet the next record release that is taking place at the renewed B72. It’s the fourth one in 15 years for the group from Lower Austria. But before they got a special support from Vienna.

Yakata already opened for LILI at the very place. They went online in the meantime and found a description for their music: Psycho Pop. More close they shift between eighties pop rock, prog and modern indie. But the most important things are the atmosphere, the groove and that you somehow never really know what will happen next. They even brought a new song with them. Bassist Fabian doesn’t only play simple lines but plucks more strings at a time, just like the voices of Valentin and Vincenz that go together, accompanied by Treasureman on the drums.

Then The Fictionplay takes the place away. The name of their new album “Tohu Bohu” comes from the Hebrew “waste, empty”. It is the step “back to zero” and the lyrics are very private as they told fm4. Producer of the LP is David Furrer (Milk+, Gospel Dating Service), and the band did not only join Motorpsycho already on tour but also will play with Mother’s Cake at their “Live at Bergisel”-Tour. On the stage, a big LED line reminds of the records cover that includes the amplitude of a heart. That and also the huge sound that comes with tunes like “Citizen Faint” makes one think of the Arctic Monkeys. The band rounds up those songs with surprising calm ones and even a short “Sledge Hammer” cover. The movement in the front rows goes with the music, and in the back to and from the bar (somehow the second one in front of the stage feels missing). But still it was another successful release show at the B72.