Asche (Single 2023)


LoFi Indie Pop

A famous radio DJ once pointed out, that „life has surface noise“. And so does the sound and video for the third single of a Viennese DIY Bedroom Pop duo, burning and crackling like a camp fire turning things to „Asche“ (in English ‚ash‘). 

The title is interesting, as the predecessor was named „Benzin“ (‚fuel‘), and in the debut „Gegend“ (‚neighbourhood‘), an area is kind of contaminated. So everything is kind of turning around the topic of existence in the universe of Tachomat. This time, Joachim Viehböck was responsible for the mixing, Martin Scheer again for mastering and Dani for the cover. 

With the very first note, the beautiful variation of „Take On Me“ by Mose or The Mose Magic Band jumps to ones mind immediately. Also somehow songs of a German Rockband come up, but not even close, as the character is more of Lofi Sofa, creating a similar relaxed atmosphere. 

Soft plugging of the Fender strings support this mood, like the clicking of the tonewood. A little distortion smoothens the experience, that finds its climax with the glockenspiel and a sweet solo part at the end. All of this temper building elements, the band has implemented in the music video too. 

So it comes in 4:3 aspect ratio, with the title burned in the corner in the typography of a VHS recorder. The colors have a retro charme, like the vintage grain and noise sparkling through the image. Most of the time, the camera is close to the protagonists, who are shown separated. Only shortly, both can be seen in the picture via the mirror on the right of the setting, next to a shelf with plants and a chair on the left. 

Tachomat is thoughtful. Tachomat is easy. And Tachomat has a certain feeling that results from this combination, reminding of Fainschmitz or Max Raabe