The Noise Masses Generate

Lausch, Fuckhead, Dun Field Three, Phal:Angst

20 Jahre Noise Appeal Records – Day 2, Chelsea Vienna, Austria 20230426

While Rotor and Triptonus repeat their cooperation at Arena and Musicjunky Bookings presents „Crossover Now“ featuring Woke next door, Noise Appeal Records celebrates its 20th birthday at Chelsea. Three days and twelve bands, this is the second round. 

Filthy Eyes‘ poster promote a concert photo exhibition at Atelier Analog. The poster design for #NAR20 comes from Michael Hacker and enthrones the merch table, where visitors can get one CD for free. Stepping into the room, Cymbals Eat Guitars and Zeni Geva welcome the ears. 

Starter tonight is Phal:Angst. They recently put out their new album „Whiteout“. Labeled a ‚sound installation for exhibits of with taxes financed art shit‘ by Rock Hard, they do work with noise scapes of guitar, bass, synthesizer and glockenspiel plus visuals. With the eyes closed, you can literally feel the movement of the strings. A dream for those who dig it. 

But maybe not for the masses, as basically every band at NAR. Still the media reaction is quite big talking about their work over two decades and the festival. With Dun Field Three, we get somewhere completely different. Mixing many styles from Indie, Rap and Goth up to waltz rhythms, you can never be sure what will happen in the next part. Paving their way to the stage, Fuckhead mumble ‚zerstören‘ (destroy). They appeared with Phal(:Angst) about 20 years ago already and their crazy performance in underwear makes think of Knorkator and maybe Deichkind

For Lausch around listencareful boss Alexander Lausch it’s the first live show since four years. They announce a new album and with their Progressive Post Rock, they can take you on a journey beyond the subway tracks above and dance. And as the sound fades away, NAR, the musicians and guests all are thankful for the evening(s) that celebrate the outstanding work and passion of the label.