Beats’n’Bars running through the veins

Havoc of Mobb Deep plus Big Noyd & DJ L.E.S., Jokah & Hinterkopf, DJ Rawkat

Mobb Deep Europe 2023 Tour presented by 20 Years Of Hip Hop & Steelo, Austria 20230420

This is Hip Hop week part two. After an outstanding OK Kid experience, the time is right for a true East Coast legend. So while the Keep It True starts and Henge plays at the Fluc, we pass U-Bahn-Star Hamid Saeb and the sprayers at the canal on the way to Flex, where All Faces Down presented their new album recently. 

20 Years or 50 Years Of Hip Hop like on the banner of the DJ desk open the evening again with DJ Rawkat like back when they hosted The Beatnuts. Wu-Tang, Gang Starr, Madchild, Dilated People and more build the warm welcome for the early guests, who get more coninuously. 

As live support, Jokah & Hinterkopf (part of Die Gangband) with MRN808 on turntables show themselves honored and get the audience on their side with their friendly nature and great performance. Songs include „Chesterfield“, „Championship“ and „Oma’s Worte“. Between, they talk about working as dishwasher, the digital world and get Hias Ledger as feature on stage. Together, they are superb like in „Alle Gemeinsam“ and „3 kleine Tschuschen“. 

They make the people chant ‚Mobb Deep‘, as Havoc comes up with Big Noyd and DJ L.E.S. after. They took pictures throughout the city and canal, that the fans now reconstruct. The set is framed by the big hits „Survival Of The Fittest“ and „Shook Ones Pt. II“. But with one of the most acclaimed producers in front, one huge beat hunts the other, taking the bass up to one’s heart, interrupted by breaking glass and shots. 

The only pity is, that the show is over way too soon. But DJ L.E.S. keeps it spinning, for some breakdance and unplugged Rap half an hour later. Soon they will appear with Lil Kim and Fat Joe in Munich, while 20 Years has Rakim in the pipeline as well as hopefully they will find another date for EPMD.