Dance, dance, dance for thirty years

29+1 Jahre Poolbar Festival: Jubiläumsabend

Altes Hallenbad Felkirch, Austria 20230805

Thirty years and counting. Thirty years of hundreds of concerts and events. Time to celebrate for initiator Herwig Bauer and his team of the poolbar festival

Danger Dan, Helge Schneider, Rosi Spezial, Gal & Ben’s Black Gold, Acid King, The Black Angels and Ankathie Koi are just a few name playing at the very place this year. For the anniversary evening itself, Stereo Ida start with an open air Chanson show at free entry. The catchy melodies spread a good mood and invite to dance relaxed like to „Tu Me Manques“. 

A cake is served and Herwig addresses few thankful words at the guests and his team. Then Catwoman dances along, and the following concert indoor is announced in dialect and proper German. Because when he puts on his mask, he is in his own movie: Batman and The Mighty Antiheroes are Garage Punk anarchy. 

Confetti cannons, glowing sticks and baloons fly through the air. A colourful and fun spectacle around the band featuring Green Hornet, Wonderwoman and Ghostrider and Superrichie. When it comes to Marder 4000, the pool unfortunately is that crowded already, that it is not possible to get in anymore. 

But upstairs in the big hall, the electro highlight starts as well anyway with Lizki. Accompanied by live drums, the tracks have a great Pop appeal, that has the potential to infect everyone. For the generally older audience but also young guests, the following Kruder & Dorfmeister are the reason to travel to Feldkirch this night. 

Rumors tell, that they were part of the very first poolbar Festival already. They start with a Western movie vibe, before they go to deep electro, that makes their fans scream. Like Yello, they don’t seem to back down and so everyone can dance gratefully. And downstairs, M.a.l.i.k. + Kejeblos continue the party, so the anniversary guests don’t have to stop moving too soon.