Turned Into The Pit With Underdogs

Obituary, Terror, Gatecreeper

Barely Alive in Europe & UK 2023 Tour presented by Cobra Agency, United Talent Agency & Friends at Arena Wien – Große Halle, Austria 20230807

Between the big festivals like Wacken, Rockstadt Extreme, Party.San, Bloodstock, Brutal Assault or Alcatraz, some bands even find time to play shows like at the Arena. So Cobra Agency, United Talent Agency & friends present a heavy package of Death Metal and Hardcore with an artwork by Klaudio Witchak

Iron Maiden and Megadeth scream from the speakers, while you can hear people talk about their love for the Arena (‚… it is the very best‘). Then the guitar hits some Slayer and Rob Zombie let you „Meet the Creeper“, the Gatecreeper as read on the backdrop. They fancy the slow massiveness but also know how to go fast, what serves the required pit. Also they recall playing at Viper Room the year before and then crawl „From The Ashes“. 

Hardcore heroes Terror can do e.g. SBOA and will tour with Hatebreed, but are best in small venues like Club Vaudeville. They claim to love the Arena too, but hate the barrier between them and their audience, as usually the crowd joins them and does stagedives. With the gap between, they request to ‚loosen up and have some fun‘ and do ‚reserve stagedives‘ towards the band. The set features the latest „Pain Into Power“, „Stick Tight“ and „Keepers of the Faith“ and at the end, they thank the security for his work getting the stagedivers, while flyers announce another HC highlight with Only Attitude Counts

The final act of the night Obituary was part of the farewell tour of Slayer and are among the most exciting Death Metal bands with likes of Possessed, Deicide and Cannibal Corpse. They promote their new record „Dying of Everything“ with the cover as backdrop and songs like the album opener „Barely Alive“, „War“ and the title track. Their style and performance they perfected since their debut in 1989 „Slowly We Rot“, which they play as last encore this night, leaving a satisfied Death’n’Hardcore crowd.