Online Memorial Ceremony With Devotion

A Bowie Celebration

2022 Worldwide 2nd Annual Premium Livestream by Rolling Live Studios 20220109

As we all somewhen pass away, great artists leave as well. And to still listen their music, there are tribute shows like from The Röad Crew celebrating Lemmy Kilmister. And for another legend, who passed shortly after, it is the second international live stream already.

Mike Garson honors David Bowie with A Bowie Celebration. Live like at Arena or online like in 2021 together with Trent Reznor, Gavin Rossdale and many more. Via Rolling Live Studios, who did a stream for Dio as well, he gathered a remarkable line up again for David’s 75th birthday.

The exceptional artist transformed from record to record like with Tin Machine and played movies like „The Man Who Fell to Earth“ or „Christiane F.“ After the rights on his music were sold, the record „Toy“ was released, and even a comic is out like from Helloween, Kreator, Tentacula or Motörhead.

A small part of the ticket sale for the live stream is donated. In over two hours, many alumnis and friends appear to talk and especially play Bowie’s music. Walk The Moon do the start followed by Living Colour singing „I’m Afraid Of Americans“. Judith Hill takes on „It Ain’t Easy“ from „Ziggy Stardust“, that turned 50, while the screen shows a house wall like „Physical Graffiti“.

Ricky Gervais recalls anecdotes like that David loved to watch „The Office“ on tour. Gaby Moreno performs „Five Years“ beautifully, while the appearance of Billy Corgan is from last year. Bernard Fowler and Charlie Sexton do several songs, and Def Leppard’s Joe Elliot sings his original tribute „Goodnight Mr. Jones“. 

Golden Years“ and „As The World Falls Down“ from „Labyrinth“ by Evan Rachel Wood are more highlights. Most of all „Slip Away“ by Gary Oldman (actor from „The Dark Night“, „The Fifth Element“ and „Harry Potter“) is impressively emotional. More celebrity guests are Noel Gallagher, Duran Duran, Jake Wesley Rogers, Rob Thomas and even a short appearance by Nandi Bushell amongst others.

For sure one could argue about that everything was pre-recorded and about the quality and arrangements. But if you love the music, you probably enjoy to see over twenty Bowie songs performed with a lot of devotion.