Gallows (Double Single 2021)


Deathgaze Electronic Dance

The most active Deathgaze Duo of the Northern hemisphere ends the old year with a double single release to ring in the new year. „Gallows“ is the name of the piece, that they release in a Gothic Rock version as well as an Electronic Dance one.

Within the last months, Vazum released even two full lengths, entitled „V+“ and „Unrated V“, reminding of „Rated R“. Now „Gallows“ makes think of other execution instruments like „Guillotines“ as Sibiir sings about or the „Mercy Seat“. Movies come to ones mind as well like „Gallowwalkers“, „Pirates of the Caribbean“ and „Troublemakers“. With this new song, Vazum already found their way to a playlist featuring likes of Ben Blutzukker by Slovenian webzine Terra Relicta (reporting of Noctiferia and more).

Version number one is guitar-based, especially driven by the bass. Like in the lyrics, it is „darker and sweeter“ at the same time. The voice builds carpets and sets accents too. A straight Rock’n’Roller that is swinging as well. So ambivalent in many ways but not disrupted, yet bringing all aspects together.

In the video, psychedelic visions await the viewer. The yellow of the leaves in the forest is dominant. Like on the cover subject, Zach Pliska holds a spyglass, while Emily Sturm wears a white dress. The setting somehow also reminds of „We Are The New Chimeras“. The lyrics appear in the snow and written in red too.

The artistic use of costumes and accessories fit the song, that helps to imagine how the dance version could be like. The Crystal Method, Air and Moby could be godparents for the „Lost Forest Mix“. It is dark like the Rock version but plays with the elements like other electronic variations from bands like The Offspring or Old Mrs. Bates. So both styles are through and through enthralling examples of their art.