Monsters (Single 2021)

Small Souki

Post Punk Psychedelic Grunge Rock Sound Walk

The environment of Greece can make people dream like from „Sarakina“. At the lake Pamvotida, the city Ioannina is located. Ancient walls or the Perama cave nearby invite to let one’s thoughts fly. And over half a decade ago, a song arose at this destination, serious and thoughtful in a dreamy costume.

Meanwhile, Small Souki has arrived in Vienna and played venues like the Rhiz, Frau Mayer, the Bezirksmuseum Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus, Coco Bar, Escape or Arena Beisl with Paloma 004. Live she performs with The Big Trouble Band featuring Roxanne „Toxic Violin“ Szankovich, who appeared on records for example of Cadû and Triptonus.

Now the catalogue of Small Souki already features eight releases so far. In those, she follows an experimental approach, as they include soundwalks as well as a poem. The single „Monsters“ starts with a gentle guitar and echoing voice, sounding somehow far away, yet surrounding everything.

This atmospheric sound carpet makes think of more Noise pieces. Headstrong like Patti Smith, plus kind of gloomy bittersweet like „Black Star“. Contrary to e.g. „Lost Dreams“, „Monsters“ gets clearer and clearer while it proceeds. Several voices build the climax, talking about dark reflections of human society.

On the colorful cover, trees seam the margins, the space between divides the picture in two halves as an alley. A green square surrounds most of the title, that is written in white capital letters like the artists name. The view from the ground of this valley to the sky above, to the light, creates a certain feeling of desire.

Like this, the serious background of the lyrics is packed musically and visually in a positive way. „Monsters“ are subject to a process like the song itself, walking „Dreary Roads“. An artful and hopeful will longing for a change.