Sinking in Seasons

Antonio Vivaldi

Performed by the Orchester 1976, Karlskirche Wien, Austria 20170815


Music is a passion. Something people live for. Or try to live of. But it is a very tough business. It is nowadays and it always used to be. After all, it is the reason, one of the most famous musicians of Europe died in poverty.

It was Italian composer and violinist Antonio Vivaldi. Born 1678 in Venice, he went to Austria, when most people already did not care about his genius anymore. In Vienna, he got buried close to the Saint Charles Church. And nowadays, right in that church, they play the wonderful pieces Vivaldi wrote centuries ago.

To present them in the best possible way, the performers not only take advantage of the very nice acoustic in the big shiny house of prayer. They use historic instruments and also stick to the classic line-up of an orchestra. The smaller amount of musicians playing makes it very clear and easy to follow. Maybe the Orchester 1756, as the group is named, appears a bit quiet in the beginning. But in the sheltered place of the chapel next to the crowded Karlsplatz, you quickly find your way in the gentle music.

And the longer it continues, the bigger it gets. It is of course the uplifting compositions of the “Four Seasons”. But also the performance is impressing, dripping like water and then coming down like a whole waterfall on the sinking listener. When closing the eyes, the cembalo and every single one of the string instruments can be heard, triplets discovered and echoes enjoyed. And when opening them again, you remember sitting in this wonderful church, and the solo violinist is almost bouncing because of his light-footed playing.

The first movement of Winter is as mindblowing as you imagined, and having the third one of summer as encore is just all that you needed, ending a perfectly nice concert evening.


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