Blood and Fire Metal Action

Arch Enemy, Behemoth, Carcass, Unto Others

„The European Siege 2022“ presented by Mind Over Matter Music and Barracuda Music, Planet TT Bank Austria Halle Gasometer Wien, Austria 20221018

It is one of those very huge tour packages in Metal, that manages to gather fans of all subgenres. At the Gasometer in Vienna, MOM presents „The European Siege“, for which people travel several hours even from abroad.

As very first band out of four, Unto Others from Portland, Oregon start the evening. They are rocking steady, somewhere between Heavy Metal, Hard and Goth Rock. Perfect to get the neck muscles warmed up, as the beat goes straight and the band around singer Gabriel Franco is moving.

Act number two is the highlight to some already. Carcass from Liverpool crank up the speed. The guitar necks turned high to the air, Jeff Walker invites the crowd to get into the Grindcore / Death Metal massacre with songs like „Heartwork“. Meanwhile, the screens show an autopsy, and the rips of the skeleton of the backdrop seem to get alive.

Getting more extreme with every act, the Black Metal stadium is reached with Behemoth from Poland. On the curtain used as screen, „Post-God Nirvana“ appears quite scary. Then they rise death and devil with blood and fire, as they did at the Nova Rock or SBOA, making think of Mayhem. Song highlights are „Conquer All“, the following „Daimonos“ or „Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel“ from the critically acclaimed „The Satanist“. 

Headliner of this tour is Arch Enemy from Sweden. They brought their brand-new album „Deceivers“ with them, which they promoted on festivals like Wacken, Knotfest or Alcatraz too. Their Melodeath is a wonderful ride, a roadtrip in the night, driving nowhere fast

Nemesis“ from the 2005 record „Doomsday Machine“ is still a great pleasure and the fans celebrate it live, before the final „Fields of Desolation“, that closes this outstanding Metal night. And interestingly, a week later, Nita Strauss (ex-Alice Cooper) releases a new song featuring Alissa White-Gluz on vocals..