Beautiful Brutality to start the Week

Fleshgod Apocalypse, Omnium Gatherum

„Veleno Across Europe Tour 2022“ presented by TON Music Productions and Planet Metal, ((szene)) Wien, Austria 20221017

The very first concert review of SOG was written in 2006. Back then with no further intentions. But in winter 2017, one concert started it all, and the reports came in regularly. 

Basically the „Veleno Across Europe Tour“ should have taken place about a month later and feature War Kabinett and Irony of Fate. Luckily, the two main acts found their way from Switzerland over Leipzig to ((szene)) Wien. Checking more upcoming dates like Hypocrisy, New Model Army, Asking Alexandria at SIMMCity on the TV screens in the hall, a wonderful Death Metal night is awaiting. 

As support act, Omnium Gatherum win all sympathy with their smiles like back at the SBOA. Coming from Finland, they bring up names like Katatonia, Insomnium, Whispered, At The Gates, Dark Tranquillity or Swallow The Sun. Their latest album „Origin“ is out via Century Media, and the cover they show on the backdrop. With the blue lights from behind, it even appears like an ancient dark temple with columns, while hands form their logo. „Prime“ stands out as new song, as do the final „Nail“ from „The Redshift“ and „Skyline“ from „Grey Heavens“. 

Over five years ago, Fleshgod Apocalypse toured with Carach Angren and Nightland. The six-piece from Italy likes to mix the brutality of Metal with classic vocals and piano and even Pop or cover Carcass. Their latest „Veleno“ is out via Nuclear Blast, to retrieve the lonely hearts. On stage, grand piano and candles jump to ones eye. The costumes remind of long gone and dark centuries and movies like „The 13th Warrior“ or „Brotherhood of the Wolf“. Just few highlights are „Fury“, „Minotaur“ and „No“, while the fantastic singing makes think of Satyricon’sLive at the Opera“. 

Of course, this music is a matter of taste as all others. And so outside, some complain about the concert being not loud enough („I could hear my thoughts“), too much melody or the mobile lights being like at the Donauinselfest. Still, at the end, there is even a pit and the people dance happily to the disco sound after the show, beautifully photographed by Nachtfrost, Krawall und Stille and Carl Magno.