Some Say Love Rules

Kodaline, St. Lundi

„Our Roots Run Deep“ Europe 2022 Tour presented by FM4 Indiekiste and Barracuda Music at Planet TT Bank Austria Halle Gasometer Wien, Austria 20221019

Another hat trick. It is the third concert in a row this week, that makes us return to Gasometer. But there is a big contrast compared to the night before. Instead of blood, death and satan, love rules and many couples show up for a new edition of the Indie wonder again presented by FM4 Indiekiste and Barracuda Music like back in 2018.

Of course, some things are not the same like four years ago. Number one, St. Lundi takes the place of Ryan McMullan as support. He plays the piano and guitar as well, starting with a song talking about what happens to the tears we don’t cry. „Lost In Love“ scores with the arrangement of melodies. „Colourblind“ and a cover of Wheatus’Teenage Dirtbag“ follow. Between those, he tells of the little island Hayling with 10 000 residents he comes from and that he wants to show his mother a video of the show, which his friend captures.

Obviously, St. Lundi is quite happy to be on this tour with Kodaline. They started off in the beginning of October in Strasbourg, crossing places like Oslo, Warsaw and more before heading to Vienna. This time, they decided to go acoustic, like many other bands did that successfully before. The cello is a big win for their songs, starting with „Wherever You Are“. Especially „Brother“, the audience like to sing with, followed by „Billie Jean“ of Michael Jackson. Their Indie hymns remind of likes of Coldplay, Robbie Williams, Leann Rimes or Bright Eyes, adding a harmonica or mandolin for e.g. „Love Like This“. 

At a point, they ask the audience to congratulate sister Fiona and Tommy on their baby Ethan. „High Hopes“, „Everything Works Out in the End“ and „All I Want“ mark the finish of this beautiful show. And the final song obviously has the power to move the listeners to tears every time again..