A Hundreds Thousands Good Reasons

Gürtel Connection #14

Hernalser / Lerchenfelder Westgürtel Wien, Austria 20240508

8th May, International Motörhead Day. Longer sun hours invite to sit at pavement cafés like Damenspitz. Crossing outbound lanes, the fourteen locations at the Gürtel get ready for Gürtel Connection #14

The event stands for easy access to culture, collecting donations for a good cause. Choosing from the wide range of music, we pick the Stoner genre. Lilac Vegetal (who celebrated their album release with TarLung at Weberknecht) recently were one highlight. Great Rift (StoneFree) is another very active example, supporting e.g. Ozymandias at Dreiraum

So our way leads to Kramladen, kind of home base for Tokan, where at the end of the month ‚Ein Abend für Sascha‘ will take place. Great Rift appear in heavy fog, that adds a little mysterious atmosphere to the music and show at the subway arch. Coming to „HD 360“, they announce, that they will record another album exactly this week. 

They also focus a lot on their latest release „Utopia“ with „Voyagers“ and „Golden Skies“ but also go back to the beginning of their band’s history. The three guitars and drums let the room quake, that gets crowded more and more during the set. Meanwhile passing Mangalet, Tape Capitol presents likes of Discorrected at Café Carina (and also Zug nach Wien and Orange Skies soon at Chelsea). 

At B72, where Pure Chlorine played again, the DJ spins some Indie, and at Chelsea where Crelm and Freud performed, hell breaks loose with DJ Noize Director, as it is completely crowded. But apart from Gürtel Connection, there are many other good reasons to visit the venues: 

Onk Lou will return to B72 and Rap am Bogen presents another mighty fine evening with likes of Mo Cess. And also rhiz beckons with concerts by The Rumperts, Finster, Arnold Burk and Chants de Rats..