Héliolite (EP 2023)

Birds Of Nazca

Stoner Rock / Heavy Psych / Doom

When a raw magic grasps you at your shoulders like the eagles in „The Hobbit“. And it takes you to a multiverse, outside your mind and body yet focused and clear at the very time and place. Then you are in the clutches of a Stoner Doom duo performing this trick with only drums and guitar. 

Since they have released their debut album, Birds Of Nazca played concerts like with Evil Drop or at Ripplefest France. For their new EP, they have a separate illustration for each track from Twisted Hooves Studio, who worked e.g. with Red Sun Atacama, Fuzzoraptors and Dimmu Borgir. Finally the cover art shows a mirrored bird with two heads, continuing their corporate identity. 

And they continue and push further their musical style as well. The intro with its noises feels rooted to earth and nature but at the same time got a Science Fiction atmosphere taking to ‚Halo‘. Then „Inti Raymi“ starts, the sun festival of Inca culture. It is a fine entry like from Kyuss, Ultima Radio or Baroness, best served loud to feel the weight that takes you higher and drives away like Electric Wizard and High On Fire

It is well structured like „Spheniscus“, the banded penguins. Like the animals, the song has a more playful character and feels like uniting continents, as the birds are home in South America and -Africa. Switching continent from the title again, the almost ten minutes final is named „Gucumatz“ like a crime novel of Edgar Wallace

Now we get both, the weight and playfulness combined so the head is spinning. It loosens stress and knots in mind. Therefor it’s perfect to dive into or concentrate, drive nowhere or work, massive like 1782 and grasping like the Melvins. Pure, direct and unadulterated, ultimately relaxing Stoner like Samsara Blues Experiment