Collapse (Album 2023)

Universal Theory

Atmospheric Gothic Metal

„Arriba, abajo, al centro, adentro“, a Spanish toast is saying. We zoom into the center today as well, the heart, the capital of the country Madrid. Known places are the Puerta de Toledo, Plaza de España and Temple of Debod. Known bands are e.g. Ska-P and Rosy Finch. And there’s another band from Hortaleza, with a name that stands above all, and an album title ending it all. 

Similar epic like Chaos Over Cosmos, the duo is called Universal Theory. After „Mystery Timeline“ and „The Most Attractive Force“, they ring in the „Collapse“ via Metal Hell Records (Stormtide, Forsaken Age), the very same day as Enslaved publish „Heimdal“. They see themselves in tradition of Paradise Lost, Katatonia, Moonspell and Type O Negative amongst others, but every listen takes you deeper the swirl of (sur-)reality. 

And this begins right away with a synthesizer and guitars of power in the opening track they combined with a lyric video. Like their plead for peace „Based On True Events“, before some Bathory connections become apparent in „Distant Times“. A true highlight comes in with „The Colour Of This Night II“, shaping like marvelous Dool to  a combination of „The Chosen Pessimist“ and „The Burning Red“ like in „Beacon“ of The Great Gray Funk

This basic Metal instinct continues in „Remember“, emerging more VV, SOAD and Vazum associations before it gets a little bit quiet. The deepest tensity comes through with „Everyone Of You“, where the voice and pace bring up Nordic images in one’s mind and the music of Mauri Dark

The final title „Permanent Regression“ paints a scary picture like from the movie „Regression“ of Alejandro Amenábar. Lucky thing, they put it into this dreamy ending, before the swirl overboils once more and the geysir of sound lets the fountain fly high, crackling the grounds from the center of Spain abroad.