I’d Make You a Space (Single 2020)

Black Cherry Marble

Dream Pop Post Rock Folk

Acoustic guitars, soft voices, harps, synthesizers and stomping distortions all exist, but mostly separated. That it is possible to combine all of those, a two piece from Vienna and Berlin demonstrates in their latest single “I’d Make You a Space”.

The title is welcoming from the heart, as you have a good friend from another place on earth over, to sleep at your place. In the lyrics, the talk is about some room “in my mind and in my heart”. Black Cherry Marble produced the track with U.KUSTIK and NK Records. Julia Cremers and Gabriel Gruber have “been working on it with care and made the video ourselves”, as they tell.

Before they released a live video that has a Purple Disco Machine mood and their first single “Misty Mountain” with an impressive nature video. Also they collaborated with Mary May. With their new song, they combine beautiful folk with modern elements, going over to put more volume into the arrangement and ending in an energetic explosion.

Like this, the beginning is a lovely melody, that holds out Julia’s clear voice. High tones give some highlights, and the second voice of Gabriel harmonizes greatly. During this part, one might think mostly of Folk artists like Carus Thompson, recently passed Mick Hart or Prinz Grizzley.

The drums are as vital as the colors in the mentioned self-made video. It plays a lot with yellow, orange, red and blue, as objects, backgrounds and clothing are chosen, that look good when highly saturated. The editing is intelligent as it smoothly combines the things, which are exchanged. They do include the cover art, which process is explained on Instagram, like the steps in “Design is hard work“, before they get arranged in a letterbox. And as the projector bursts through the haze, the song comes to its climax.

The electric guitar in combination with the harp work together like the voices before and with a little help of the synthesizer have an Softengine impression. Especially now, you could give it the Post Rock stamp, thinking of O Emperor, Solaris, Esben and the Witch and with the straight beat Ozymandias. A song welcoming, colorful, like no one was waiting but everyone is happy.