Positive (Single 2020)

Fourth Son South

Overdrive Rock n’ Funk

The Rock music scene of South Africa is as complex as it could be. Through M4A and its fests, you get a comprehensive insight to Metal. And Devographic Music Media empowers the collective and bands like Marene, Riddlebreak, Chaos Doctrine and more since over 20 years.

Now the agency spreads the word of Fourth Son South, an Overdrive Rock project from Pretoria brought to life by Peter, who is wearing the surname of Allen Toussaint. As inspiration, they list Audioslave, Pearl Jam, Prince, Van Halen and Ozzy Osbourne amongst others.

So far, the band already recorded an EP named “Another Mile” in 2019, followed by their first full-length “The Sounds Around Your Head” featuring this single “Positive”. As album opener, the song directly brings a breeze of good vibes as a Funk Rocker, which fits in every celebrating occasion like a wedding.

Even though the first few tones remind of a comparatively dark tune, “The Winners Loses” of Body Count. But then, the main riff enters with guitar and bass and blows away any gloominess. This temper of dancing is what unites James Brown with G-Funk, Crossover and more unknown artists like Fabian Squinobal and Os & The Sexual Chocolates.

The little bridge is the actual hook to the refrain that is easily to sing with right away. The lyrics first were meant as tribute to a relationship. Nevertheless, the seemingly good experience made it grow beyond itself, now talking about the big whole. After the second refrain, a solo is set, that one can imagine greatly extended at live shows, giving time to all instruments.

Not only the lead guitar, but also the more distorted part at the end remind of grandmaster Lenny Kravitz. Right before composer Peter draws the final line and ends the feel-good song on point.