A Summer Night Music

The Boys You Know

Flex Popsommer, Flex Wien, Austria 20170823


After “Rainy Days” and colder temperatures, the summer is coming back to Austria’s capital. And at the Flex next to the Donau, it is Popsommer, and so it is possible to see bands in nice atmosphere for free.

“I am The Boys You Know and this is my band.” Frontman Thomas Hangweyrer is known for his dry Viennese humor. Starting the show with “On the Wagon” from the Purple Lips record, the boys present a cross section of their discography. They tell that they have been touring a lot with their latest album “Elephant Terrible” and supporting Dinosaur Jr. and The Pixies. That is why they been “Never Home”, one of the songs from the longplayer. The hitsingle “Teenager Of The Year”, released with a music video by the Braingorillas, is live a pleasure as well as the single “Wake Up” from the very first record “Waste Your Time”.

At some point one might miss Max Hauer on the keys. But even though they are one less, the stage is small enough for five people. Therefore it is not that easy, to have a glimpse of Benjamin Philippovic on drums, doing an awesome job. Manuel Kurzmann in the front row is far away from the classical static bassplayer. He is rocking the show as well as Mathias Kollos (also Great Red Silence). His solos after all are one of the highlights of the show, especially the one during the band’s all-time hit “All The Other Kids”. Another highlight is the harp of Stefan Slamanig on the song, who also does the percussion and plays a wonderful trumpet.

The Indie Alternative Rock of The Boys You Know after all feels perfect on a summer evening like this. And as it is the birthday of Thomas, the audience even sings him a serenade, to make the evening even better.