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Cadû, Lurch, Small Souki & The Big Trouble Band

Psychotic Parade presented by Roadtrip To Outta Space, iAKW and StoneFree, Arena Wien – Kleine Halle, Austria 20231221

As the wind turns to a storm, Roadtrip To Outta Space and iAKW invite to a very special record releaseparty. It is an evening full of music, performances and live visuals by S.Myselle, even though unfortunately parts were cancelled due to sickness. 

One thing that is missing is the moderation by David Stockenreitner and Miriam Strasser (Homo Kemoni). Nevertheless, the audience finds its way to the small hall of Arena as Small Souki & The Big Trouble Band open this night. They build experimental sound collages as well as Post Punk frameworks like Joy Division. The effects of the individual instruments add a Jazz flavor and the unpredictability makes it even more exciting. 

IDDD will play at Kramladen in January but sadly had to cancel this evening too. So the show continues at Dreiraum with an impressive dance performance by Michaela Mab (Nakari Dance Company) and Jana Milena, that will go on after the following appearance of Lurch. Their intro alone is flashy already again and the vocals are well-placed. It is the Stoner feeling dominated by the rhythm, that gets oneself every time, kind of psychedelic Air meet Muse

After a little fun fill-in of bass and drums, Cookie Queen turns up „The Heat Is On“. Right before the actual releaseshow, a shamanic dance ritual by Verena Werni and the intro of Cadû featuring Michaela Mab melt together. The new „Psychotic Parade“ is out again via StoneFree Records like „Steelstreet“ and on vinyl. And so they begin with „Lucid Dreaming“ and „DNA“ and with make-up on. For some time, Michael Auinger joins on saxophone. More highlights are the new „Mesmerizing Flow“ and songs from the debut like „Metro“ and „Create A Haze“. 

Cadû end their set with the title track of the album and the evening: „Psychotic Parade“ is the second big full-length that they presented in a really outstanding concert night indeed.