Between the desert and the valley

Caged Wolves

Arena Beisl Open Air, Arena Beisl Erdberg, Vienna, Austria 20201008

For great atmospheric earthy heavy music like in “Such Hawks Such Hounds” you don’t have to go far. While NoBack Booking presents irgendwien amongst others at Coco Bar, Polifame and Sonde44 play at Chelsea and Metalnight Outbreak takes over the Viper Room, the Alternative Stoner Doom can be found at the Arena.

At the entry, Boogie Hammer frontman D. Vacuum takes care of the arriving guests. Caged Wolves, who are the reason for the visit, already shared the stage with Scream Of The Butterfly and Exit Green earlier this year. Singer and guitarist Branko opens the set with his guitar, which immediately warms the place with its sound.

The next second, the second guitar and bass join, making the musical joy full and giving chills. The crisp and accentuated drums give the rhythm, that travel to spheres between the big role models Kyuss and Saint Vitus. Caged Wolves like to vary, groove slowly and adding the Doom factor as precise like changing to the fast Rock passages, making their audience dance and let the heads fly.

For the special occasion, they decided to play a full Instrumental set, and this they can actually do without getting even a little boring as advocates of vocals might think. They brought many new tunes with them, as they are working on a full-length album as they tell. Between some announcements that can’t be heard, this seems one of the most exciting news.

And they also brought some merchandise with them. The two songs of their live EP “Lost In The Woid”, “Lost In The Desert” and “Call Of The Void” are already familiar highlights. While one is drawn into the spell, the experience of the new material makes looking forward to the future record(s) and more live action too. And Half Baked Cheese, Psycho Toaster and many more are already set to follow…