Awaken tired bodies with their Rock

Ravagers, Bankrupt

European Wasteland Tour 2023 presented by Musicjunky Bookings, Support The Underground and StarkStrom, Chelsea Wien, Austria 20230331

It’s Friday evening. Churchpenny Allstars unveiled their new EP „Gorilla Lumberjack“ and Private Function announce the first piss filled record. CroworD celebrates the 10 year anniversary of replugged. And at Chelsea, where Spidergawd rocked recently, Musicjunky Bookings with Support The Underground and Stark!Strom present a Punk Rock’n’Roll highlight show. 

Bankrupt did their honors as support of The Damned at their hometown Budapest lately. Just the day before, they published their latest single and video „Idiot Tax“ and tonight, they present a selection of their finest songs. This includes for example „Sid and Nancy Do NYC“, the very danceable „Nightbreed“ or „Toni Montana“ from „Trolls In Suits“, where ‚any resemblance is coincidental‘. Older once are „Cinderella“ or „Fifteen Minutes“, „When Johnny Saved Christmas“ and „Endless Halloween“ and more recent ones like „Viktorland“ and „Hungarian Satan“ are not missing either. Since they haven’t been to Vienna since about ten years, it is great to finally see so many loved songs live and to learn about the background. 

Coming from Baltimore, Maryland like the big legend Frank Zappa, the Ravagers might have their name from the Marvel collective of smugglers, bounty hunters and thieves. Optically, they make think of Wild Evel, who spins the records at B72 this night or a little bit of the group Cinderella as well. Whereas their punchy sound has something from the Murderdolls and the Misfits. Their set includes songs like „Down That Road“, „Blackout“ like Method Man & Redman and „Nasty Night“ from their album „Badlands“. Playing a show full of dedication, makes the kids in front of them move and pogo. This young energy is infectious and feels just right for this Friday night. And Musicjunky Bookings has just the next concert around the corner with Fat Chester and Mr. G at Café Carina the day after..