A Thousand Pleasures

Ultima Radio, DLRM, Cadû

Kramladen Wien, Austria 20180511


It is a wonderful Friday evening, so the Gürtel is crowded with people sitting outside enjoying their end of work. Meanwhile acts like Fennesz at the Rhiz and Kindergarten and Old Mrs. Bates at the Chelsea get ready for their gig, and at the Kramladen three bands prepare their rock shows.

Cadû, the wonderful group that laid ground for their hopefully long musical journey last year at Chelsea and meanwhile toured with Tokan are the first ones on stage. Even though the formation only exists since short time, their professionalism and precision is fascinating. A through and through great psychedelic and convincing concert.

DLRM, probably standing for delirium is an amazing formation from Budapest. They melt all Alternative and Indie forms into one, from Jack White, The Black Keys to the Foo Fighters and even The Strokes, all big names seem to be combined in this one band. The whole thing is recited with a very relaxed coolness and a Punk Rock attitude underlined by the Ramones shirt of singer Szabó Márton, who even gets a cut hitting his own guitar.

Headliner of this powerful rock night is coming from Graz and carries the sounding name Ultima Radio. They found a place at Panta R&E who also signed acts Mother’s Cake, Solar Blaze or Matt Boroff and released “A Thousand Shapes”. A thousand styles can be found when listening to this blasting band. It is Stoner Rock for sure. But also way more. Crossover and Nu Metal, Rage Against The Machine and Ill Niño, the musical godparents are manifold. Zdravko Konrad is the born frontman and the gig a great pleasure.

For the willing rock music fan, this line up has everything to give. Psychedelic Alternative Indie Stoner fireworks to celebrate the weekend accurately.