Death Live Action

Carnifex, Oceano, Aversions Crown, Disentomb

Slow Death European Tour MMXVIII presented by Mind Over Matter, Flex Café Wien, Austria 20180308


When there are about ten concerts on only one evening in town, things can get very hard for a music fan. But somehow you have to decide where to go, and why not listen some perfectly fine Death Metal at the Flex Café?

For sure the other concerts would have been great to see too. But already the first band from Australia with the sonorous name Disentomb proofs that this was a very good decision to come here. Classic machine gun sounding brutal Death Metal with wonderful growling and basically no chance to understand one word.

After this excellent start, Aversions Crown coming from Down Under too unleash their sound on the audience and make the pit really going. From the classic origins of this musical style, we arrive to the more modern Deathcore now. Also the third act of this exciting evening can be assigned to this genre. Pleading against religion, Oceano from Illinois makes the pit bigger, maybe they rise the biggest of the whole evening.

Now for sure you can feel your neck pretty well already. But it is time for the headliner of this very nice tour package: Carnifex from California enter the stage at the Flex Café, to keep the mosh pit going. “Slow Death” is the name of their last album from 2016 and the tour, the record with the beautifully drawn skull and blood on it. Songs like “Drown Me In Blood” are just amazing live action, and that is what this night shows without any compromise:

Death Metal is the most unrelaxed thing that can relax you that much. The Flex Café probably was the best venue for this show. And if you left it this time without any sweat or beer on your body, you did something wrong in here.