Hypnotic Nostalgic Narcotic

Spell, Svartanatt, Wildhunt

Full Moon Over Europe Tour 2018, DasBACH Wien, Austria 20180306


After an annoying day at work or school, what could be better than listening to some music? Right, see it live. Especially Heavy Metal is awesome in concert and even better at DasBACH.

Wildhunt start the evening quite early with some nice Thrash. The cool logo on the back wall, they score with sophisticated songs in general and dual guitar parts that are also combined in the great solo parts. “Age of Torment” is one example for their keen sense for riffs as well as the final songs “Made Man” and “Thrill To Kill”.

After the four-piece, the five guys from Svartanatt get ready, playing Michael Jackson during the soundcheck. The likeable group from Sweden easily keeps up with their compatriots Graveyard. It is hard to tell what it is exactly in their sound, the classic Hard Rock, Rock’n’Roll, Progressive… better you try songs like “Hit Him Down”, “Starry Eagle Eye” or “Heavy Metal” or assure yourself on the ground of their fine music and performance.

And then the three men from Canada get on stage: Spell start with an intro leading to their outstanding “Madame Psychosis“. Out of some reason at the time of the wonderful „River of Sleep“ you could eventually start to feel nostalgic, thinking about past concerts of e.g. Roadside Story and Rust n’ Rage. But that was not it with the big feelings. When you catch this band live and they pay homage to Rush, there is no doubt left about the high level of these guys. But it is Tuesday and so singer Cam Mesmer asks: „Don’t you have to work tomorrow?“

Right, it is good to get home earlier, but at the same time you wish that it could have last longer. A big shout out to the great sound engineer at this point too, who was essential for this stunning rock night.