Water to the Concert Desert

The Great Machine

#kulturretter YouTube Live Stream presented by Desertfest Berlin 20200528


After the Roadburn, the Desertfest Berlin, which would have featured likes of CoC, Orange Goblin, 1000mods and Brant Bjork, is another festival that can’t take place. So together with the #kulturretter they moved online, hosting the amazing support of The Devil & The Almighty Blues a year ago.

Apart from the #kulturretter sessions, recently other big acts performed like Oranssi Pazuzu and Milking The Goatmachine and this very day, At The Movies also release a new song. And the Israel music scene is active as well: Betzefer catch up on their tour in February, NŪR are in the planning as well, and this gig of The Great Machine is perfect for your Thursday evening.

Their Stoner sound is made from the classic ingredients: a bass that reminds of a certain “Overnight Sensation”, a guitar taking one high like Monster Magnet (Happy Birthday Olly) and ecstatic drums, that don’t even take a big setup. Plus all the three of them, Aviran, Omer and Michael all sing.

This adds a fine variation to the songs, as guitarist Omer brings in a Psychedelic touch in singing, bassist Aviran the typical balanced style and drummer Michael some Alternative Groove Metal influences like Page Hamilton. The cameras greatly capture all the action, including the skateboarder in the other corner of the room.

Apart from their big music, that is “like spelling the word ‘Freedom’ with ink of distortion’ according to their description, the band got another nice live key feature: a lot of humor. Like when Aviran tells: “In the next five minutes, this is gonna be our best song. It is talking about love.”

This live quality luckily even comes across a screen and some speakers, but as one comment mentions, would be even better to soon experience in person again. Until then, one of their final words seems appealing: “Shalom.”