The Silver Lining Between The Stars (Album 2021)

Chaos Over Cosmos

Technical Progressive Melodic Death Metal

In the middle of the night, some (Technical Melodic) Death Metal seems right to let one’s head spin. Just one year ago, they have released their last full-length “The Ultimate Multiverse“, and already they are back again with new material and new line-up.

CoC is the abbreviation for this international polish-american project, not Corrosion of Conformity but Chaos Over Cosmos. Next to Rafal Bowman now KC Lyon is on vocals, having a great structure in his voice, reminding a bit of Aleister Sinn of From Hell, as the following will show.

“The Silver Lining Between The Stars” is the heaviest output so far as the band tells, and they might be right, as it is a wild trip. From the beginning on, the drums are crumbling all way through and the guitars and keys are fast too. After “Violent Equilibrium”, “The Last Man in Orbit” underlines the Metalcore impact, with a huge refrain, like we know it from the group, and a little Raunchy reference.

The power of the guitars and riffs is in the main focus of attention in “Eternal Return”, not missing some spacey sounds as well. In Flames can be found in this and “Control ZED” too, that even has something from classic Hardcore, Kvelertak and Stam1na again too like in the last record, and is another amazing headbanger again.

For the final fifth track “The Sins Between The Stars”, CoC composed a slow beginning, which brings up surprising comparisons like HIM and The Offspring. The singing is clean and the drums discreet, with another brilliant chorus. This midtempo closer builds the perfect outro with screaming and clean singing at the end.

Chaos Over Cosmos have extended their Death parts plus surprise with more quiet ideas that function perfectly well in their sound. Because it is the mixture of brutality and melody, that makes this music so lovable.