Short-legged animal’s Valentine

The Wombats, Circa Waves, Bloxx

Presented by radio fm4 and Arcadia Live, Planet TT Bank Austria Halle Gasometer Wien, Austria 20190214


The Indie Rock scene is still up and coming since years. After Kodaline, some UK pioneers of the genre visit the very hall at the Gasometer, showing how alive and modern this music is.

Because it is Valentine’s Day, mainly couples find their way to the brick cylinders. Those who arrive early not only get rewarded by the friendly bartenders, but also with an impressive first support coming from the city of red busses and black caps, more exactly Uxbridge. Bloxx is their name, a female fronted band with a very grungy touch and energy. The songs remind of big shots like Kasabian or less known Jim Noir, and spread the feeling of hearing timeless melodies.

The second group comes from Liverpool and is pretty much known within the scene already. Circa Waves sound more heavy in the beginning, while more and more people arrive at the venue and start to occupy the good spots. The show is impeccable and luckily the sound is pretty good again, crisp and not echoing where it shouldn’t.

After those two young and catching performances, The Wombats enter the stage pretty much in time. Their music like e.g. the one of Mando Diao has been influencing new groups since years. That’s why many celebrate especially the classics like “Moving To New York” and “Let’s Dance To Joy Division”. But also the songs of their latest LP “Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life” appeal to the newer and older fans. The production has become cleaner throughout the years, and the rough sound that e.g. The Black Bones follow has more or less gone. But especially tunes like the record- and concert opener “Cheetah Tongue” makes the whole hall dance. Plus the band perfectly knows how to include their logo, that is not only on the backdrop but seen on the screen in varying animations: as emojis, with circling eyes, or driving through tunnels in a mine cart like Lucky Luke or many other (movie) characters. Some big balloons and guys in wombats costumes complete a great Indie Rock Valentine.