A Single Point (Single 2024)


Nightdrive Trip Hop Psychedelic Progressive Techno Rock

With „Nightcrawler“, Jake Gyllenhaal took us on a ride of own visions ten years ago. With a night train, you can get from the western end of Austria to Graz in the east. And with Night Drive, a band from the very city introduces us to their musical mix of a thousand influences. 

In a playlist, Colupaeo present Depeche Mode, The Chemical Brothers, Björk, Peter Gabriel and many more as their inspirations. Their way not only let them play the infamous three venues of their hometown Explosiv, PPC and Wakuum so far, but in the capital as well. „One Eye Open“, „Uppers“, „Written In Stone“, „Darkness“, „Altruism“ and „Fire“ pave their way. And with „A Single Point“, they bring up more likes of Lightts meets Okta Logue.

Once again, the four of them are on the cover like the Daltons. Standing on a field like in a M. Night Shyamalan movie, they stare into a chemical space swirl, with the title above and logo below. The track starts in a singer-songwriter manner like The Boy I Used To Be but with electronic impact already. 

Whereas the several voices have a certain Indie taste in it, the rhythmic sounds are more Massive Attack on „Blade II“. This brings up Noise Flow, like the divers guitars the Prog touch. Still the vocals are Softengine or Loch Lomond manner, leading to the outro of Eels, like a last call to dance. 

Because „A Single Point“ by Colupaeo can do both: make you dance or relax. So their own genre ‚Night Drive‘ fits. It drives you home like World’s Worst Poet, in a laid back train compartment like ASD and the mind in a rhythmic swirl. And soon they will appear live on stage again at Gailklang Festival in Dellach, Carinthia.