1210 für Immer (Single 2024)

Für Chiara


Twentythree districts the capital of Austria counts. All of them have their own character, are special in some way. 1150 got labeled „Gotham City“, while Granada dedicates a song to „Ottakring“. Now Floridsdorf received a homage with „1210 für Immer“. 

The band’s name Für Chiara reminds of „Für Elise“ in the very first moment. ‚Traurig aber tanzbar‘ they describe their music like Traurig in Europa. During the last year, they played e.g. at Café Carina and Chelsea and published several demos like Seether as Saron Gas: „Fortgehen“, „Nie wieder Strand“, „Flügel aus Papier“ and „1210 (für immer)“.

Sophie Aichinger did an illustration of a photograph by Stefan Feiertag for those. The mixtures within the recordings of Pop, Rock, Punk and Samba bring up associations like Stereo Ida, Hinds and Fainschmitz. On the final single cover, Jan Kotlovsek placed an appealing logo in one and an orb in the other corner on red like Jupiter.

Now Floridsdorf is part of ‚Transdanubia‘, including the Romawiese and Wasserpark up to the Heurigen in Stammersdorf. Here you can find Punk like Dynamo Mühlschüttel, Rap like RAN DMC and venues like USUS am Wasser or Strandgasthaus Birner

Für Chiara tell about their view and experience in the neighborhood: of bad graffitis at the end of the subway, the drinking, complaining, smoking and playing Basketball beneath bridges or at the island. It is a lyrical portrait accompanied by subdued guitar chords and an equally present bass. 

As climax serves the bridge in this romantic hymn, that makes think of many German singing bands like locals Viech as well as Madsen, Sportfreunde Stiller or Kettcar. While their compositions are between easy and elated, funky and rocking, kind of the G-Funk of Indie, this one is homelike yet melancholic. A love-song trying to capture the essence of one’s home like „Dreary Roads“.