Kings of a Generation

Crazy Town, Confessions Of A Traitor, Here For A Reason

Viper Room Vienna, Austria 20180118


In the 90s, bands mixed rap and rock, what eventually was given the name Nu Metal. Hated by Metal purists, still formations like Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park made it the soundtrack of a generation. To celebrate an icon of this genre is the core of this awesome evening:

Obviously everyone who showed up is “Here For A Reason”, what is the name of the first band. They are the Austrian version of Skate-Punk-Groups like Blink-182 or Sum 41. With a lot of motivation, singer Ben makes the audience sing, scream, clap and jump. Songs like “Time Machine” and “Someday” are rousing like their performance, including a completely nice “freeze”. A clear recommendation for fans of the “old” heroes.

The second band might be a surprise concerning their sound for some visitors. Because what Confessions Of A Traitor play is metal- and hardcore in its most brutal way. Very welcome for a metalhead, but some of the kids prefer to step back, as especially Stephen MacConville takes his place in front of the stage. But when not afraid, this is an amazing gig to see and bang with. A guarantor for an aching neck. So good that the guys made their way and travelled many hours from London to the Viper Room.

Sweating completely, it is time for the legendary Crazy Town. However Shifty arrives in the very minute, gets intercepted by the first fans to take a selfie, then gets on stage and the band begins. And basically there is not much to say: this is already a highlight of this very young year! Even though the place is maybe half-filled, the band gives everything as well as the crowd. The newer songs like “Come Inside” and “Born To Raise Hell” are as fun as the classics “Butterfly” and “Drowning”. Hopefully next year again, lastest!