Rap in a Café – If you don’t like it, you can leave

Philiam Shakesbeat feat. Treasureman and Kathrin OK aka MC K.oK, Michael Dey

Musiksalon rien Vienna, Austria 20180120


Shows in cafés always have a special flair, but for example the Voodoo or the Nahid show, that this can work out greatly. Now this time it is even more special, as the café is the rien in the first district, and the main act is a rapper.

But first Verena Giesinger from the Schmusechor booked a man, that people might know from the group James Choice and the Bad Decisions: Michael Dey is the friendly guy from Northern England, who performs his solo work. Remembering one of international singer-songwriters like Carus Thompson or other Viennese residents like Third Culture Kid, he sings for example stories from his hometown. Another song is only written in major chords, and he tells a new record is about to be made. Before he leaves, he introduces “Vienna’s greatest Hip Hop icon”:

Philiam Shakesbeat is up next, with Treasureman on drums, and Kathrin OK aka MC K.oK on the mic too. He also promises a new record to come out within the next months. And he takes advantage of the café situation: he doesn’t only step in front of the stage, but also on the tables. For his message he uses clear words. He never performed that close to the government. And as “we have an extremely right-wing Chancellor, he hopefully hears us, when we dedicate the next song to him. If someone doesn’t like this, you can leave.” This attitude comes down in his lyrics, because “we are all humans”. And the people, of which many are standing around him, are with him, screaming “fuck you.”

Philiam’s latest online release “Krachmacherstraße” works as well as the final tune of the performance without any backing track, just drums and voices: thumbs up for rap shows in cafés!