The Life I Chose ft. Hyro the Hero

Crazy Town X

YouTube Premiere 20200605


Friday, time for new music. Former Gospel Dating Service member Ruhmer is back. A Finnish formation related to Santa Cruz named Camu is up for something else too. And one name holding up the combination of Rap and Rock high finally announced material that hopefully is part of a whole new album.

Apart from Body Count, Crazy Town lately have been one of the most exciting acts one might be able to label as Nu Metal. They went through a lot of line up changes. The single everyone should recognize from the debut “The Gift of Game” was entitled “Butterfly”.

More singles were “Toxic”, “Darkside” and “Revolving Door”, while the second record “Darkhorse” featured “Drowning” and “Hurt You So Bad”. Years went by, and finally, in 2015, the long anticipated third longplayer found the light of day. “The Brimstone Sluggers” showed a band creative as ever, with great arrangements like “Come Inside”, “Born to Raise Hell”, “Backpack” or also “Ashes”.

Ever since, Crazy Town could be seen on stage as well, and rumours were spread about a fourth full-length. And again, finally we have the pleasure to experience what they have been up to. A riff hits in like from Limp Bizkit, Shiftys voice scratches but suits.

The video got the musicians and feature act Hyro the Hero in effective cuts as well as a cat and, as comments assume, people like Tommy Lee and Sonny of P.O.D. The streets and graffito used and whole appearance in general got the coolness that this sound is tend to give to you.

Phrases like “My life in stereo”, “From the wasteland” and “Light it up burn it to the ground” and a lot of middle fingers still attract the rebel in everyone, no matter if from South America, Europe or Asia, like the comments show as well.