The Beauty Lies In The Heaviness

Mars Red Sky

Live Stream from the Teleport for Europe presented by Mrs Red Sound, 3C and Rock & Chanson, Bordeaux, France 20200618

Times are improving, as at some places, real live concerts are happening again: NŪR arranged a gig at the Levontin7, while Magic Delphin plays at the wonderful Academy Bar. Shaun of Seether was online, and via the platform Dice, you can either go for the DJ Jazzy Jeff house party or journey from your home to Psychedelic Bordeaux.

Record covers and the logo already tell a lot about Mars Red Sky. They played at the Roadburn or toured with Dätcha Mandala. Support they get from Mrs Red Sound and Purple Sage PR, promoters of likes of Witchfinder and The Lumberjack Feedback. And the visitors are there, online, from British islands to central Europe to Sofia and Istanbul and the US to join the show.

The button turns red and old ads appear. Then you see the setup and a vintage style video of a woman putting on a mask. And then the beauty goes its way. Accented drums, distorted guitars and a soulful voice underline what Jack Endino says in “Such Hawks Such Hounds”: “If someone really has something to say […] emotionally, it comes out of the music […] That’s heavy music.”

In the back of the guys, visuals accompany them like the video during “Collector” of their latest record “The Task Eternal” featuring a sweet bass solo part. The video for “Crazy Hearth” just recently celebrated its premiere on Rock Hard, coming with the Fuzz and Desert Stoner but also some melancholy. Generally the sound ranges from soft to evil, from fast with doublebass to groovy midtempo to adjuratory.

Anyway it is a sound to feel home, also the earlier pieces like “Hovering Satellites” and the final “Up The Stairs” from the self-titled debut featuring the Unisphere in the back. After another commercial break, the band wanted to chat, but as the audio is not working, they write on a whiteboard instead: “Vous êtes génial” – Ditto.