Fields Of Dust Are Calling Home

You Can’t Cancel Rock’n’Roll Show

Live Stream from Pannonia Fields Nickelsdorf, Austria presented by Nova Rock Festival & Red Bull 20200612

Who would have thought that it is possible to miss music festivals so much. But this year, the escape are videos from likes of Crazy Town two years ago or luckily a stream from the Pannonia Fields, where the Nova Rock would have hosted acts like the Foo Fighters.

Many acts already confirmed for the next year including Korn, Lagwagon, Dame, P.O.D, The Hu, Seasick Steve, The Weight and more. Plus those, who pilgrimaged to the fields to play on the Red Bull Brandwagenstage. To moderate the stream, the organisers invited Benny Hörtnagl of radio Ö3.

The first band that shows that “You Can’t Cancel Rock’n’Roll”, Reverend Backflash enters the boards on the endless empty space. Aerial shots make one wish to be able to be there even more, and according to rumors, some even went there. But via the stream, you enjoy the title track of the latest record “Too Little Too Late” amongst others like back at the B72.

In the interview, the band tells they won’t let themselves tell from a virus about what to write songs for the forthcoming record. The second act Kaiser Franz Josef, short KFJ is known a lot from the media. Live they present why they are compared to the big classic Hard Rock acts and went on tour with Billy Idol. Their set includes “Strip My Soul” from their upcoming album “III”.

Act III are the Melodic Groove Thrashers of Black Inhale. Just those days, they released their third LP “Resilience”, of which they present the opener “Dissociation”, “Escape Room” and “The 4th Dimension”. The record itself gained positive critics from the Stormbringer, Rock Hard and Starkstrom amongst others. And also their strong live performance, like at former festivals, brings up associations to famous American examples.

After few words of the director of the festival, Seiler und Speer are the headliners, who appeared e.g. in a documentary about Georg Danzer. So long, until next year…