Rocky Sounds on soaking wet Grounds for the good Cause

Squared Timber, gab&gal, Dirty Widows

Soundcheck Open Air Day 2, Obere Werkstraße Thüringen, Austria 20180901


Small Open Air Festivals are the nicest. And if the weather is cold and foggy, and that still doesn’t hold the organisers, bands and audience from having a good time you can see the commitment. The Soundcheck Open Air therefore takes place for the 8th time, and the second day in a row with not-so-good weather, and all of it for a good cause: It is a charity event for Joshua.

After DJ Linus, who plays a fine collection of rock and disco classics, the boy himself opens the evening playing “We Are The Champions” and “Best Day Ever” on the piano. He then announces local patrons Dirty Widows. The three already made themselves a name over the years playing at the Szene Open Air or at the Schlachthaus with Emma’s Daydream. Switching between Punk and Post Grunge they remind of national acts like 3 Feet Smaller or acclaimed Seether. One highlight of the set is the solo tune of guitarist Laurenz, next to their hits like “Sleeping Karma”.

Second band of the evening are gab&gal. Because of time issues, they get accompanied by Melanie and Kevin of the Nataraja Feuershow, who juggle and dance with everything that burns. The band itself got a new member since video artist Simon left the band. New pianist now is Sebastian Schweiger from 2seedsleft. Even though singer gab has to fight a headache (“I think the medicin is kicking in now.”), the performance is great as usual. The setlist ranges from “Time Is Relative” to “Death” and for “15 Years” gal plays the bongo in the front.

Last act this night is Squared Timber. The three-piece around The Yellow Riffs-guitarist Robin managed in short time to be known over the borders of Vorarlberg, playing gigs not only at Bunt or poolbar but also the Chelsea Vienna. Their gig includes hits from their debut record they dropped in March named “Eyes In Focus” like “Devil’s Son” and “What Happened Last Night” and also a Count Five-Cover (“Psychotic Reaction”). As their last tone rings out, the only pity is that it hasn’t got warmer and there’s no chance to get home by public transport, so you have to drive yourself.