Coming From The Rocks Expanding To Feel 

Lo Sound Desert (2015)


Extreme nature and surroundings somehow inspire extreme music. This is a documentary about Stoner or Desert Rock and its roots, hailing from the dry and dusty Coachella Valley.

The wide horizon and skies above forwarded the evolution of this music like the Punk and DIY ethos, as the protagonists recount. In two chapters, characters like Brant Bjork, Mario Lalli, Sean Wheeler, Eddie Glass, Josh Homme, Nick Oliveri, Ian Taylor, Mike Moracha, Nick Nava and more tell about how it was to be raised in this area like Palm Springs, that was embossed by the society of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and the Rat Pack

Next to making liberating music, the sound heroes have usual jobs like at a library. The camera following them sometimes has an appealing cartoon impression, while video footage, Polaroid photos and Terry Gilliam-style animations loosen up the story. 

Sean Wheeler even can present a whole private picture album including concert posters, while Brant Bjork labels him a hero. Josh Homme at the same time worships Yawning Man. A reason being told in the single word for the development is boredom. 

To break out, the musicians play in garages or parking lots until the police comes. Safe places are in the middle of the desert, The Hood or former the Rhythm and Brews. The youth needs opportunities like this to make use of its energy. Because as everywhere, the parties are a lot about skateboarding, drugs like acid, sex and violence and anarchy.

But when the adolescents can unfold themselves, something wonderful like Stoner Rock can happen. Or as they try to find a terminology: Stoner is more rocknrolly than Sludge and with a grungy vibe to get stoned, as from pioneers Monster Magnet, Sleep or The Obsessed, coming to Kyuss, Throw Rag, Fu Manchu, Nebula, Mondo Generator, Fatso Jetson, Solarfeast, Hornss and Unsound

As for the Desert community there are too many people in LA, they found their own way in jamming and even exporting it to Europe. „Lo Sound Desert“ beautifully images this history and truly is a movie you have to feel.